1st Step Quality Review

When you started your business, you knew bookkeeping was something you needed so you signed up for QuickBooks and started plugging away. Right?

Without having any formal accounting education, you put a system in place and have been doing the very best you can without any guidance up to this point. Right?

And you aren’t completely sure if your bookkeeping system is running effectively you just knew it needed to get done and you made it happen. Right?

But now you want confirmation that what you are doing is working and working correctly. Right?

This is where the 1st Step Quality Review comes in.

For $329 a professional will review your QuickBooks records and provided you with a written report of improvements and/or corrections that could be made to your books right away ensuring the financial pillar of your business was secure.

1st Step Quality Review

This exclusive 16-point check system will:

  • Provide you with a written record of improvement and corrections based on the data in your working QuickBooks file. This guide will serve as a reference to ensure your accounting system is working smoothly after all recommendations and corrections have been made.
  • Identify any areas that could potentially become an IRS hotspot in case of audit. Knowing what mistakes the IRS looks for gives you ample time to avoid the headache before even it lands on your doorstep.
  • Ensure your financial statements are correct. After any suggested corrections are made you will be able to rely on your statements to get funding or find potential investors.
  • Give you a peace of mind. Knowing your data is correct will put your mind at ease and allow you to relax at night knowing your business is helping to support you and your family.

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