Small Business

April Showers Bring More Dollars

Spring has finally arrived and so has the opportunity to increase your profits this quarter. Here are a few tips to get more dollars in your Easter basket.

Do a little spring cleaning – For those of you in direct sales spring is a great time to clean your demo items. Put away those winter scents and favors and bring out items that remind customers of all the joys of spring or summer. It’s also a good time to clean up 1st quarters financial records. Take time to go thru your sales invoices and receipts to total them up and see your profits (or losses) for the past 3 months. You can also take the time to analyze what sold the best and worst for you this past quarter. Stock up on those better selling items and either eliminate or improve you demo for those items selling the worst. This is also a great time to offer discounts on items you have had in stock for a while to clear your shelves for those money makers. Discounts and demo items are tax deductible so keep accurate records.

Reset those clocks – It’s time to give all of your past clients a call to see how they are doing with their products. This process will also put you in the forefront of people’s mind and can get you reorder sales or parties. If you are selling services this is a good time to check in with those clients who didn’t need your services to see if they are still happy with their current providers.

Fill those Easter Baskets – Send your best clients and customers a spring bouquet or Easter basket thanking them for the opportunity to serve them. Follow up a few days later to make sure they have received your gift and ask if they know anyone who can use your product or service. If these are your best clients they won’t mind singing your praises and referring you to their friends. This is also a great time to edit your website. Add springtime pictures and new specials encouraging new business. Don’t forget snail mail. Send out a marketing campaign to an area that you would like to break into offering a deal someone couldn’t refuse. Remember all your marketing efforts are tax deductible save those receipts.

Savor the sunshine – Spring is a great time for flea markets, outdoor festivals and events. This is a good place to generate new leads and sell products. Just be sure to pick a festival or flea market that your target market will attend. Fees for setting up at these events are a tax write off so keep record of payment.

How are you going to generate more income this spring?  Share with us below in the comments.