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Going Paperless Can Protect Your Identity

Going paperless not only saves trees but it can also save you from one of the most troublesome crimes, identity theft.  According to Life Lock “Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the nation. In 2010, over 8 million Americans fell victim to identity theft – that’s more than the entire population of the state of Virginia!”

The largest identity theft case in the USA to date involves a $13 million dollar scam from a husband and wife team.

One of the ways to avoid identity theft is to eliminate sensitive documentation, including paper receipts.  Although, receipts are low on the list of high risk items they can still contain information that may lead to this crime.  The laws changed a few years ago to keep your entire credit card number off printed receipts but the last 4 digits are allowed which may be visible leaving smart criminals something to work with to figure out the remaining numbers.

In the free report created for you to download I included ways to get rid of these troublesome pieces of paper and still have accurate records to keep track of expenses or to prove your tax deduction in case of audit.

Here is a link for the report again if you haven’t already downloaded and read it.

I’m on a mission to help save our trees.  Are you joining me?

Use this infographic provided by to protect yourself from this heinous crime.

Identity Theft Protection - Shoeboxed Infographic

Identity Theft Protection Infographic – Courtesy of Shoeboxed.