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I’m not boring. Let me prove it!

It is a big misconception that accountants are boring and don’t like having fun.  Well I would like to disagree.  I decided a fun way to dispel this myth is to do a fun 30 day photo challenge.  Also this challenge is a nice way to introduce 1st Step Accounting to Instagram.  If you aren’t on Instagram you can also share the photos with me on Facebook and Pinterest.

This challenge gives you an opportunity to share some of your favorite things with me and to gives you an excuse to use that camera on your smart phone 🙂

If you haven’t done so already go read your free guide to Stop Being a Paper Hoarder: How to go paperless in a day.  It was created so you get rid of that paper clutter.  After you read it please visit us on Facebook let me know how this guide has helped you.  I look forward to hearing all about it!


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